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Friday, October 28, 2011

Suzuki Savage low budget chopper build

O.K. check this out. This is one of my favorite builds that a friend of mine over at BOB's CHOP SHOP started doing and I had to try one. I bought a broken down Suzuki Savage and built this beauty with the help of some of the students I used to teach at Wyofuck motorcycle tech school here in Fl. Simple build, but some things had to be done electrically as this thing is a huge single 650cc thumper. This means it has an electric decompression system on it. Be careful to not F#@$ it up! These pictures were actually taken before it was done. I see it is missing pipe wrap in these pictures, but you get the idea. Yes Ducatis and Triumphs in the back ground. This was done when I was assisting the great Chip Ream in the European class.  

Hard to tell, but the rear struts were nice aluminum bars. The seat was made from garment leather with a wooden pan under it. Two skills you will learn at KNIGHT SCHOOL.  Handle bars were a custom set built by SUICYCLE MFG. They had a half throttle tube on them so you can grip the throttle tube and the bar at the same time to keep the throttle from jumping when you hit bumps in the road. Cool option for a low budget build. Little tail light on the back of the seat. I sold this to a local guy as his first bike. I think he still rides it to work every day. You may know this bike as an S40 boulevard. Really nice chopper for under $3,000! 

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