Knight school is a motorcycle specific apprentice style education. In short, we teach the art of the motorcycle... through experience.

KNIGHT SCHOOL information:

Course year:

1. Materials - Properties of metals and non metal materials used to build motorcycles

2. Tubing - Bending, Cutting, Shaping and Forming aluminum, steel, chrome-moly, stainless and more

3. Sheet - Bending, Drilling, Shaping and Forming sheet metals

4. Drawing - Three view mechanical, perspective and design drawing

5. Billet - Drilling, Milling, Lathing and forming Metals and other materials

6. Welding - Arc, Mig, Tig, Brazing, Soldering, Glueing, Riveting, Bonding, stitching and interference fits

7. Finishes - Paint, Powder coat, Chrome, Nickel, Anodizing, polish, Textures and more

8. Electrics - Familiarization with all electrical components and build a custom wire harness

9. Engines and Transmissions - How they really work and what to do if they don't

10. Project preparation - Getting ready to build from scratch or modify an existing bike

KNIGHTSCHOOL is apprentice style learning in a working restoration / fabrication shop. Ten month course, three days each week. Two days of lecture and hands on shop instruction with instructor by your side. One day each week of shop time without instructor looking over your shoulder, allowing you to finish your assignment for each months course. On these days there will be a shop tech available on sight to assist. Each month you will have an assignment to produce something using that months tools and techniques. Class sizes are guaranteed to be less than fifteen students. Be ahead of the competition by getting my 30 plus years of experience with machines in ten months time!

Contact information:

Darrin Knight Owner / Instructor

PH# 386-847-4109



$10,000 = 960+ hrs of course time over a ten month course schedule. That works out to under $10.50 per hour of course time.

Payment options:

1. $10,000 up front to reserve your place at KNIGHTSCHOOL.

2. $3,000 down and $1,000 each month for seven months.

3. $1,000 down and $500 each month for twenty four months.

4. $1,000 down and $400 each month for thirty six months.