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Monday, October 10, 2011

K75 BMW rat bike cafe

This is an old K75 I built into a cool every day bike. Sorry about the pictures, not the best but I sold it not knowing I had not gotten the side shots I wanted. As you can see the tank was polished out. Love aluminum! The bars were changed to almost strait with no rise and the frame was shortened a foot to make a single seat ride out of it. The seat of course had to be shortened as well. All the plastic except the belly fairing was removed. Head light was replaced with one from a Ducati monster.  

Very difficult to see is the short muffler we built for it. It was shortened to show off the single side swing arm. The unfortunate byproduct was it was as loud as hell. Not my thing. 

Note the sheet aluminum fender. 

See the bungie ball hanging off the bar along the fork tube. Drink holder, no shit , you figure it out.

Bike was loads of fun to ride and got tons of attention from people trying to figure out what it was. When the BMW guys would ride up and realize it was a BMW they were visibly disturbed...  Loads of fun. The build cost me $200. Oh yeah...
I will do another some day. 

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