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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

1968 Honda Benly

This is a freshly painted 1968 Honda Benly. Commonly called a mini dream. It of course is not a dream, but a Benly. 160cc twin engine powers this little bike to an amazing 65 mph. At least it did before I took it apart! Some very cool things about the design of this little bike attract me to them. Uni-body construction reminds me of some European bikes and scooters I do. The rear sprocket stays on the swing arm when the wheel is removed. Thats cool. I love the front fender with the "Darth Vader" splash guard. The leading link suspension in the front is cool too. O.K. so the bad things now. "You meet the nicest people on a Honda". Who cares how nice the guy is? He's riding a Honda. The uni-body is cool, but a bitch to restore. It is more like working on a car than a bike. Difficult to do correctly, many places hard to sand. I was lucky, this one had no rust holes. Imagine if it had the bottom six inches rusted off! 

Her are the rest of the parts, minus the chrome stuff. Not back yet. Chroming is the one thing we here at KNIGHT SCHOOL do not do in house. For those of you that do not know why, it has to do with toxic chemicals and federal regulations. Send it out. Notice the color differences in the paint and the original plastic covers on the right. We are still debating on painting them, polishing them or replacing them. The original badges are sitting on the red box. Very nice condition for as old as they are. 

Here is a standard photo of the parts needing chrome. Take this photo and send it with the parts for reference so the chrome guy can know he has all of your parts. Keep a copy for your records, so you know you have gotten all of it back! Can you identify all these parts? 

More as we progress. 

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